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A few more thoughts about the Serenity campaign that ended that I posted about. I promise this is it.

Here's the will that started the campaign:

Dearest Bro

I’m writing this knowing we’ll probably never meet again. At least I hope not, since I’m going to the Great Beyond and I’m probably not going to the good place, if you know what I mean.

I know I ditched the homestead when you all needed me, off to make my fortune. Well, now I got memories and bullet holes and a powerful lack of oxygen. What else I got is yours. Kismet is partly paid off, and she’ll treat you well. She did for me.

I don’t think there are strings long enough to reach you where I’m going, but by God Kismet don’t come free. There’s a few charges I have of you, and I’d be obliged if you kept them.

First, keep Tick-Tock and Cookie on the staff. They’ve been good to me. Cookie ain't the best of company sometimes, and Tock can turn a shade peculiar, but they’ll keep you flying and watch your back. Lee is wet and I can’t claim to know how he operates, but he needed a chance and he might turn OK. I just wish you could have taken Gerty as well, but she took the fool’s path and sacrificed herself. Try to get a pilot half-as-good as Gerty.

Second, do good with Kismet. I’m not talking about Alliance-good, I’ve had enough run-ins with Alliance to know their flavor of good. And I know you have to make a living. Don’t be a tian di wu yohn chump or give to beggars that would just as soon spit on you. Just, do good. I’ve turned my back on some folks I shouldn’t have, and looking out this porthole into the Black, well, let’s just say I have my regrets.

I’m of sound mind, if not body. Consider this my will. Make me proud, bro.



I was talking with one of the players (who played Sterling) and he said that it was weird that the campaign turned full circle. He said that he had planned to really dislike his brother, that that was going to be one of the hooks, and the will totally disarmed him. He started thinking in character, "well, maybe Jacob wasn't that bad of a guy after all." And thinking back, that kind of ran through the campaign, reconciliation. That was the first half.

And then they found out that Jacob possibly wasn't dead, and he betrayed the crew just for some money, and Jacob's actions ended up attracting a lot of Alliance attention and caused the group a lot of problems. The "keep the old crew on the ship" was just an excuse to keep track of Tick-Tock for another bargaining chip. Sterling ended up saying, "I was right about you all along" and left him to the cultists. I really strive for these "themes" in my games, and this one just clicked.

And I just have this image of Jacob, trying to write this will as schmaltzy as possible, and laughing all the way to the bank. And that's why it's good to be GM, some of the best scenes don't involve the players.
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