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Path of Apotropesis (Homebrew, Feedback?)

Old World of Darkness question.

As noted in the cut, homebrew Thaumaturgy has a really awful reputation, not least because too much attention is paid to gaining and too little to balancing and justifying the new ability. So I'm looking for criticism and balance assessments on the following Path.

Path of Apotropesis
The path proposes to duplicate the effects of a warding ritual, but on an immediate and temporary basis. It is impossible for a Thaumaturge to duplicate the effects of a ward she does not already know.

All effects initiated by a Willpower roll, difficulty of the power's level + 3.

Perceive Ward (*)
With one success, the thaumaturge is able to see any wards in her line of sight. Additional successes may disclose the potency and purpose of the ward, or its creator. It is not possible for a Thaumaturge to identify the purpose of a ward she is not able to reproduce herself.

The effect is about on par with Thaumaturgical Sight or Auspex 2, but with a more limited scope, which I hope justifies its somewhat earlier appearance.

Personal Ward (**)
The thaumaturge is able to imbue her flesh with apotropaic power, just as though it were an object she had warded.

Again, a Thaumaturge may only mimic the effect of a ward she has already mastered in its ritual form; the ward still only effects the class of creature it is directed against. The Thaumaturge must also carry some of the ritual reagent with her, whether blood, vitae, silver, iron, salt or powdered stone.

1 or 2 success: Ward in place, and causes 1 level of Lethal damage on contact.
3 or 4 successes: Ward in place, and causes 2 levels of Lethal damage on contact.
5 successes or more: Ward in place, and causes 3 levels of Lethal damage on contact. (This is the full quota from a traditional ward.)

Like Flesh of Fiery Touch, this power cannot be used offensively; it activates only when the Thaumaturge is touched, and a very glancing contact evokes only a chill.

This power lasts for a scene.

Imbue (***)
The thaumaturge is able to extend a ward instantaneously through any object she is touching. If contact is broken, the object loses its potency; if contact is maintained, the power lasts for a scene. This power may not be used on other people.

This effect is subject to the same requirements and limitations as Personal Shield.

Note: this would probably include the restriction on using the power offensively. Is this too significant a limitation?

Project Ward (****)
As Personal Ward, but the effect may be extended through three-dimensional space. As per the limitations on Warding rituals, each additional five feet encompassed by the ward increases the difficulty of the roll by one.

Note: Warding circles are less potent than directed wards. Should the damage caused by this power be limited to Bashing, as it is in the case of ritual Warding circles?

Bypass/Persuade (*****)
The Tremere persuades or redirects a ward, and may pass through it and bring anything in direct contact with themselves through, unmolested. A single success activates the power; additional successes allow the thaumaturge to conceal the evidence of her passage.

Thoughts would be very much appreciated.

Apologies in advance for cross-posting.
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