Syhd (syhd) wrote in roleplayers,

hi, I'm a gamer and these are my everyday thoughts

I was washing up in the men's room and noticed a tissue lying on the countertop. It was dotted black with what looked like ink.

Now, an average person might puzzle about it briefly, shrug, and walk away.

A slightly more curious person might suppose that someone had a leaky pen and used the tissue to wipe off the excess ink.

Me: "Huh, that looks like a tissue that you use to dab up bits of blood when you've cut yourself shaving. Except that it's ink. Someone here bleeds ink. Someone here is a squidhead! An illithid walks among us!"

On second thought, I decided there was probably a more mundane possibility.

On third thought, if there is a squidhead among us, they should have at least tossed the tissue in the trash. How unsanitary. My pen could pick up diseases from that.


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