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Quest Hook Ideas

I've been working on a D&D 3.5 campaign now for about 6 months or so. One of my issues I've always had with campaigns is that there's very little life in campaigns as people describe them here and on other forums I frequent. For example, outside of the main story hook and whatever shops the PCs happen to visit, lie simply carries on. Life is going on outside the PCs and we rarely get to see what's happening there. Now I'm not talking about insignificant things like the farmer needing help with his turnips or a drunkard in need of an intervention from the party Cleric or Paladin.

I'm talking about the side quest. Plenty of them exist in PC and console RPGs so why not include them in the actual adventure? The PCs don't ever have to complete but it adds some vibrancy to the world. Actually helping the Dwarves fight off an Orc invasion or spelunking a decrepit Temple of Boccob is a nice change of pace from follow Big Bad Evil Guy to points A, B and C, collect MacGuffins 1 and 2  while occassionally  stopping at Ye Olde Smithy to buy a +4 Sword is fairly cliche.

What I'm looking for is some ideas for side quests, My campaign world will have the PCs cap at Level 10 is a mid-level in terms of magical items and is set in your standard Medieval Fantasy World with a few twists here and there on the standard formula. Here's what I have so farL

Moradin, Confederacy of Dwarves:
Side Quest A An ancient site to Moradin has been discovered north of the capital city. Communication has gone silent with the group of guards and archealogists who were assigned to the site The party is sent to investigate only to find a group of Dragon Shaman (worshipping a Black Dragon) has taken up residency along with a Brass Dragon.

Side Quest B: The son of a Dwarven general has been captured on a failed offensive aganst Orcish settlements to the east. The partty tasked with finding a slave camp and rescuing the son.

Marshall, Free River City:
Side Quest A: An older halfling couple is being terrorized in their own home by a spectre of an Orc pirate captain. The party's goal is to rid the home of the spirit and find out why he's harrassing these halflings

Side Quest B: A wealthy aristocrat's daughter has been kidnapped by the Gnome Liberation Army and is being held for ransom. The GLA has requested that a 3rd party conduct the negioation for the daughter's freedom and safety.

Rochester, City of Outcasts

Side Quest A: The city of Rochester is on the verge of starvation. Rations are at a minimum and the harvest isn't due for another few weeks It's up to the party to take what funds are available and go to any neighboring city and purchases as many supplies as they can. The last group never returned, foul play is suspected. While the party is gatherng supplies, suspicisions will be raised as to why they are purchasing such large quantities of supplies as adventurers wouldn't need 100 bushels of corn to go fight kobolds. If their true purpose is discovered, the merchants will either refuse to sell them the goods or triple the prices. (Hooray for fantasy racism!) During thie return trip to Rochester the party will be confronted by a group of Elven rangers and scouts if their intentions were discovered.

I have a lot more ideas scribbled down in my notebook for the campaign but I find that it'd take forever to type and that they run along similiar lines a the ones I listed above. Any suggestions?

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