Skurtchasor (skurtchasor) wrote in roleplayers,

Two Questions for the Community

One: As part of the recent discussion on Armor Class in D&D 3rd edition, I was lead to run some numbers on Dexterity vs. Constitution and whether it's better to trade off one for the other. Some quick-and-dirty calculations suggest that up until about 5th level, having a higher DEX (and thus AC) is more important than having a higher CON (and thus more hit points) in terms of the number of rounds one expects to survive. But around fifth level, there seems to be a changeover, and higher hp becomes more important.

As part of my semi-annual Twiddlin' Of the Thumbs Whilst Administering Exams rituals next week, I plan to amuse myself by doing some more in-depth calculations to test this theory. My question: are any of you aware of such a phenomenon (or the debunking of), be it in D&D or otherwise?

Two: For various reasons, I'm looking for a system that uses backwards narration (though I'm sure there's an actual technical term for it): start by describing the present situation, describe the events that immediately led to the present situation, lather, rinse, repeat as needed. IIRC, somebody here had mentioned The Puddle many many moons ago, but I've been unsuccessful in tracking it down. Keeping in mind that I'm a try-before-you-buy kind of guy and a cheapass to boot, any suggestions?

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