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I know it's way late in the game to make a 4E reaction post, but I finally got to play it for the first time.

Nobody wants to read a damn essay on what I liked/disliked about 4E, I'm sure you're super tired of that by now. "WHY ARE WE STILL TALKING ABOUT THIS" lol ^_^
So, I'll keep it brief:

The good:
-It's simple, easy to play, easy to understand. I played a wizard. I knew exactly what I could do, how many times I could things, etc.

-I like how "At Wills" make combat more interesting. It's no longer people just saying "I attack" or "swing" with their fighter types or the wizard getting down to using his/her crappy dagger because he or she is out of spells.

The bad:
-Holy shtttt combat takes for-freakin-ever. Srsly. I do not have the patience to fight the same frickin' four 60 HP Nightcreepers or whatever the fuck they're called for AN HOUR AND A HALF. What the hell??? Does EVERYTHING have a million HP? I've heard about these Mooks, or whatever they're called, but asides from that.

-Pretty much all the flavor stuff turns me off. "Hey look I can be a dragonman... I can wear Feyhidewoven superarmortime armor, yay." I think the logo on the book should be: "DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS: Why don't you just go buy World of Warcraft?"

-Magic missile can miss. WHAT.
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