Ad Astra (kurosau) wrote in roleplayers,
Ad Astra

Delta Green via Trail of Cthulhu

I ran Delta Green for the first time last night, using the Trail of Cthulhu rules, which I also ran for the first time last night. Having read the adventure 'Convergence' from the Delta Green main book several times, I played out a total party kill session to introduce my players to both the setting and the rules, using pre-gen characters.

Now that the cell they were playing (L Cell) is dead, their campaign characters will be brought into the fold to fill the ranks.

It was awesome. After investigating some really weird goings on involving cattle mutilation and alien surgery, the players found a farm that was the center of the mystery, and in storming it, managed to blow it up. Two characters died instantly, the last fled. He might've been killed, but more likely, he disappeared in the aftermath, unable to deal with what had happened.

So, I just wanted to say, I totally love the Trail of Cthulhu investigation system. It worked perfectly, somewhat to my chagrin. And that was with a half-done adventure that wasn't even truly suited to the ToC engine. My players were neither lead around by the nose nor felt they were starved for clues, and ended up enjoying the hell out of the game.

A friend of mine was right. Trail of Cthulhu out Cthulhus Call of Cthulhu. (say that three times fast!)
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