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World of Darkness:Maques of Hampton County

I am pretty new to table top gaming. I tried to play in a D&D game and it was more combat heavy than role playing. I found myself bored and wondering off. The majority of games (and by majority I mean all) run in my game store are D&D 4thed. We have a "quiz" on our web site that tells you which game you would be best suited for. The first one it gave me was "World of Darkness", I remembered LARPing "Vampire:the Requiem" and enjoying it. I also really like reading about supernatural things. I was covering the store and a new customer came in and was talking about how he wanted to start a WOD game (fate I guess!) We started 2 weeks ago (basic character creation, explaining the game, plus 1 week we were off cause a couple people couldn't be there). Tonight was our first session. As I said I'm pretty new to role playing (aside from sorta listening in on games, I've only role played a couple D&D sessions and Pit fights, and even that was mostly all combat and no RPing). We are all starting off as humans and can have a preference on what we want to become, but it's not guaranteed. I don't have my character sheet (our GM holds onto them along with our note books [for the time being]), but I will try my best to explain my character! I can't remember Attributes at all.

Name-Phelan Lain Wallenberg
Gender-Androgynous, but very female bodied (she has ways of dealing with that)
Concept-Confused Seductress
Merits-Meditative Mind (1 dot),Natural Immunity (1 dot), Barfly (1 dot), Striking Looks (2 dots),Danger sense (2 dots)
Skills (note I just know what I picked, not how many dots I filled in)-Mental:Crafts (create art),Occult, computer (not sure on this one, my memory sucks!). Physical:Athletics,Drive,Stealth. Social:Persuasion,Socialize,Seduction,Street Wise,Subterfuge (which I call "Super Fudge")
Other-I have 7/7 experience points because I chose to have a derangement (inferiority complex). So I got to start with 5, but my morality is a 6 and everyone else is 7.

I was born on a stereotypical fall afternoon in October in Richton, CT (where I also grew up). You know, the one where the leaves are all different colors, the temperature is between tank tops and winter jackets and college student loiter in the center of town. I had the satisfaction (or unsatisfaction depending on how you look at it) of being born in a very wealthy family. Both my parents were successful doctors. My brother, who was 8 at the time I was born, went to a fancy private school especially made for families like mine. I’d later find out that it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.
When I turned 6, and was old enough to enter kindergarten my parents both got promotions. Unfortunately for me these promotions required them to be in Prague 3 weeks out of every month. They made, what they felt, was the best choice. Not to send me to school. I was only 6, but pretty sure that was a dumb idea. My brother was in high school at this time, and since he was already enrolled and paid for my parents didn’t have to worry about it. I guess it’s too much effort from them to sign a kid up for private school, why they just didn’t send me to public is beyond me.
My parents left my brother in charge of me. Obviously their careers were more important than their kids if they left a six year old in the hands of a high school Jr. My brother would go to school during the day and then come home and teach me basic stuff. I’m pretty sure he felt bad for me, and didn’t want me growing up not even knowing my ABC’s. One day when my brother was a senior, he didn’t come home right after school. We were suppose to be going over cursive writing that day, I wasn’t too worried about missing out on it, and decided to go exploring.
I have never been outside by myself before, and the world can be pretty big for a 9 year old. I wandered up and down our street, into the corner store and then to the park where I sat on the bench. I went home, and turned on the TV. My brother came home an hour later, apologized and asked what I did all day. I told him nothing.
This trend continued as my brother went into college. He lived on campus, but it was close enough that he would come home after classes for my schooling. I became a latchkey kid. At least once a week he wouldn’t come home for hours, and I’d wander out and around town. As I got older, I started to develop faster than most girls my age. At 12, I could easily pass for a 16 year old. My brother soon found out that I would sneak out of the house when he was gone, and wasn’t thrilled about it. I think he felt responsible for me. We only saw our parents once a month and they were in and out. He wanted to show them how responsible he was by raising a kid, I think they could have cared less. He also would try and please them by becoming a fake doctor, but that’s his story to tell. When I was 12 and he was a Jr. in college, he caught me making out with the 20 year old that lived next door. His solution to put a stop to this was to take me to school with him and leave me in his dorm. I’m not really sure why he thought this was a good solution.
I started to hang out with my brother’s friends when he was a Sr and I was 13. It was around this time I started having conflicting feelings about my gender. I felt like I couldn’t make up my mind about whether I wanted to be male or female. I found myself become attracted to both girls and guys. I started dressing in drag when I went out, I made a cute boy. It wasn’t until I was 15 I figured out I was androgynous. Unfortunately It was mostly mentally as my features and assets were definitely female. Still, I did the best I could. At first my brother was weirded out that I identify as two genders, but he got used to it., he was probably relieved I wasn’t asking for a sex change.
I was pretty popular on campus with both the boys and girls. When my brother graduated I continued to hang out in his circle. When I was 17, I started talking to one of his old friends, Helen. I had always thought she was cute, but the 8 year difference made it tough. I was still a minor to her, but 17 and 21 seemed better than 13 and 18. This was the last straw for my brother, he did everything to keep us apart, to have that one last chance to control his baby sister, and it never worked.
So, here I am a 17 year old androgynous female bodied person in a “it’s complicated” relationship. My brother is moving out to Hampton County to set up a practice, I of course am going with him. I hear we'll be living with his old college friends, one of them being Helen. This should be interesting.

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