Phillip M. Vector (lance_lake) wrote in roleplayers,
Phillip M. Vector

ConQuest NW LARP GM Recruitment Drive

If this kind of post is not allowed here, please feel free to delete it Moderators. Thank you.

5th Wall Gaming ( now has the LARPing schedule up for ConQuest NW. If any of you are going and want to play in a LARP, please log into the site and RSVP for the games of your choice. Space is going fast.

Also, we are offering anyone who GMs enough for us free admission to the convention (and crash space in the room if you GM enough hours). We work on a points system, so please contact me directly if you have any questions about that.

While we do run a few Gothic games, we do not run any WoD or NWoD games. We figure we will leave that to the Camarilla. Instead, we run games that run the gambit to the deep, 4 hour long games to the short 30 min. games. But I'd like to make clear that the only vampire we have in our game has a toothache and just wants to be left alone. :)

The deadline to get these benefits as well as sign up to GM games is December 1st at 12:01am PST. Thank you for your time.

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