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My Character, Let Me Tell You Of Him...

So, this week I told the group I was putting the Vampire game on hiatus. With school and running a playtest for Secret Project, I just don't have the time to devote to running another game. I told everyone I'd be more than happy to offer up my living room, and the comfy office chair to the new GM, if someone else wanted to run something. After some debate, we decided to play 4th Ed D&D, with the option of switching to Deadlands after a few months once another player had time to prep something.

We spent all night tonight making D&D characters, which was slowed as only one of us had the 4th Ed Player's Handbook. I ended up making a character I'm pretty damned happy with, which is impressive considering how much I hated 3rd edition the few times I played it. I made the same basic concept as my character in the crashed and burned 3.5 game I couldn't stand, a Human Fighter who's a member of the local town watch. And he's a total bad ass. I can't wait to play in two weeks.

Tucker Greymoore is a large bear of a man, 6'4 and 285 lbs, with a warm smile and a huge gut. He joined the militia when he was 15, and retired to the town watch a few years later. Tucker's now 37. He hasn't seen much action in the last decade or so (hence being only level 1), but now that new threats are enroaching on Fallcrest, he thinks it's time to dust off his boots and go kick some ass.

Tucker's Alignment is Good, he's a follower of Avadra (I figured he'd find the goddess of luck and adventure appealing.) I'm the party's Defender, but I went for a big two hander, because I've spent enough time on WoW as a Prot Warrior that I didn't really want to go for sword and shield. So, Tucker has a giant Halberd, along with Weapon Focus for Polearms. With Spinning Sweep he can knock enemies off their feet once an encounter, and Cleave, Sure Strike and Reaping Strike should keep the goblins and whatnot off the squisher PCs.

Tucker has teamed up with a strange band, including Decklyn O'Connel: a human warlord and the younger brother of a man he served in the militias with, Yazmira: a mysterious tiefling warlock who tells fortunes, Ritsnin: a dragonborn cleric of Bahamut, and Desley Grimgrave: a half elf rogue.

In two weeks, we'll see how our first excursions and adventures go. But yeah, I just had to share, because I'm excited about a D&D game, which I never would have believed would happen.

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