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Some Exalted Amusement

So, we have a Twilight Caste in our group. A Tomb Raider / Sword Dancer sort, combining relic/artifact hunting, tomb-exploring, sneak-thiefing and two-sword swinging. Pretty cool character, actually. I like the concept. She just became more Nighty than a Night Caste however, which is pretty funny. I'm trying to wrap my head around a Twilight maxxing out Larceny and Stealth Charms, but with the concept, it works. Because of the weirdness of the concept, though, the character's been developing unique Charms to get her work done. I'm curious what other Exalted players think of these.

Sun and Moon Technique
Cost: 5 m, Mins: Melee 5, Essence 4, Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-OK; Duration: Instant; Prerequisite: Any Melee Excellency
The Solar must have a weapon in each hand to use this Charm. The character performs a simultaneous attack using the weapon in their off-hand. Both weapons are augmented by any Charms activated as part of a Combo. Both attacks are resolved at the same time with a single die roll, using the lower Rate and Accuracy. Damage for each weapon is rolled individually.

Sever the Connection
Cost: 5 m, 1 wp, Mins: Larceny 5, Essence 6, Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Combo-OK, Duration: Instant, Prerequisite Charms: Stealing From Plain Sight Spirit, Larceny Essence Flow
Effect: The Solar activates this Charm when attempting to steal an object which has been attuned to the victim. The Solar rolls Wits + Larceny against a Difficulty equal to the victim's Essence + Artifact Cost. If the Solar succeeds, the item becomes unattuned and is capable of being stolen. The victim will immediately notice they are no longer attuned to the artifact unless the Solar uses other Charms to conceal this effect (such as Stealing From Plain Sight Spirit).

Never There Technique
Cost: +1 w, Mins: Stealth 5, Essence 4, Type: Permanent
Keywords: None; Duration: ––; Prerequisite: Invisible Statue Spirit
The character may use Invisible Statue Spirit and Easily Overlooked Presence Method as Reflexive Charms by paying the increased cost. These Charms may specifically be used with Charms from other Abilities. When used in a Combo, this Charm suppresses the anima flare upon activation of the Stealth Charm, allowing the exalt to hide.

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