Rodney Brazeau (bandersnitch) wrote in roleplayers,
Rodney Brazeau

Funny thing happened last night.

In RPG gaming we have replaced the technology of "balled up paper with a note on it" with laptops equipped with MSN to send private messages.

However one of our participants is not blessed with a laptop, so she uses a Nintendo DS and we pictochat with one another.

My kids both have a DS, and she brings her own.

So it was after bedtime and I had angrily told my overly curious 11 year old that I was tired of his excuses and he cannot come down again. Unfortunately the bathroom is on the main floor and after all his bluffs and excuses he used to try to watch our game (I don't blame him - we are hella cool) he actually had to pee.

Worried that he would be rejected he turned on his DS in his room and sent me a message asking if he could go pee.

Resourceful little bugger that one is!
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