w00hoo (w00hoo) wrote in roleplayers,

oWoD or nWod is it worth the switch on an existing campaign?

This isn't meant to stir up big antagonism, but I'm hoping someone here might  be able to give me a succinct run down of the merits and flaws of the SYSTEM for nWoD versus the SYSTEM for oWoD.

I am about to run the second arc in my Hunter campaign, the first one was a couple of years ago, so used oWoD as it was all there was (so to speak) now I find myself wondering if I should move to nWoD as a system or stay with oWoD. Either way I'll be keeping the custom setting that I currently have and won't be particularly bothering with the 'fluff' of the books. I'm really just interested in how the skills resolution works (which do you think is better and why?) and if nWoD has improved on the combat system which was always a bit weak in oWoD.

I managed to play a game of Hunter:The Vigil last Saturday, but unfortunately it didn't have any real system involvement in it so I didn't get a feel for the system at all and it didn't answer my questions unfortunately.

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