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The following is a cut-and-paste from an article on the Wizards of the Coast web site.

So, what's in store? First, steadfast fans (and soon-to-be steadfast fans) of Dungeons & Dragons and Forgotten Realms will be able to experience the Forgotten Realms setting in a live-action television series. This project will rock the charts! Fireworks Television (a division of CanWest Entertainment) will develop and produce the series. This is the company behind the top syndicated television shows Andromeda and Mutant X. Plus, for all you dark elf fans, Fireworks also plans to launch Dark Elf motion pictures after the premiere of the series. In other words, get the candy and popcorn ready, folks!

In addition to the Forgotten Realms series, we have many other exciting deals in the works. Fantasy is extremely hot in Hollywood right now, so our brands are in high demand! We have made a deal with an animation company to produce fully interactive movies for D&D, through which we hope to make superstars of the many heroes and monsters we all love so much. These will be essentially "pick-a-path" stories on DVD, where the viewer can make decisions for the hero using a simple remote control.

What else? Soon, Dark Sun will come back to life in a fully animated series targeted at teens and adults. Last, but not least, we have a producer developing the Spelljammer brand for TV and movies.

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