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Exalted: Through the Fire and the Flames (Actual Play Notes)

Cast of characters so far:

Elkos Kal: Eclipse Caste Pirate King, Father of Charlie
Charlie: Night Caste Artifact Hunter (part indiana jones, part short round..) ?? of Elkos -- can't tell if it's a boy or a girl..
Dawn: Dawn Caste Combat Bunny (Literally, Her Anima Banner is a Giant Bunny Rabbit.)

Chapter 1.

Elkos, and Charlie were sent by Badger, an Scavenger Lord to go retrieve some pretty valuable first age artifacts rumored to be on a deserted type island out near the Neck. While they were out there, the two of them found a first age treasure trove, including an Orichalcum wrack staff, a copy of the Black and White Treatise (with only a few spells in it so far..the ones from the main book) and a bit of Silken Armor (Orichalcum as well) within a large cave that seems to be an old tomb. One of the crew gets greedy, and attempts to violate another portion of the tomb that is untouched by the PC's and doors began to slam down closed locking anyone not agile enough to dodge a few caught inside, possibly forever. In the rush to get out, Elkos and Charlie leave behind a member of their crew behind (a loyal citizen of Elkos' island nation, also within the Neck)

As the 2 and the rest of their crew make it outside, they notice 2(!) Lintha vessels on either side of their ship, and a group of Lintha moving up the shore toward the Cave mouth. crew on land try to hold the Lintha so that their King-Captain can get aboard the ship, but in the struggle, the Lintha subdue Elkos, and begin dragging him toward one of their vessels toward certain doom. charlie, in a panic begins to search through the book to find something that might help to his/her father. As he/she begins reading the book, the Unconquered Sun whispers a vision, granting Charlie the ability to save his/her father, and change the world, which charlie readily accepts. In a moment of divine inspiration, the spell Death of Obsidian Butterflies is cast at the person floating away with his/her father, killing a couple of the lintha easily.

Rowing out the save Elkos, Charlie and the surviving crewmen pick up Elkos and head toward their boat. they get themselves onto the deck where Mala, the Fire Aspect first mate is fighting off some of the lintha that boarded the ship, Mala Screams for Charlie to duck as a cannon ball flies across the deck, but misses them. Charlie, in a moment of divine pique aims toward the offending ship (let's call it ship one) and fires off another shot of obsidian butterflies, wrecking the sales and hull and sinking the vessel.

Righteous Anger now appeased, charlie forgets about the 2nd ship (ship 2) which fires a cannon ball directly at him/her, and at that moment, charged with the might of the Unconquered Sun, Elkos rises up with his orichalcum wrack-staff and bats the cannon ball back into the lintha vessel, sinking it instantly from the grievous amounts of damage.

Time to go talk to Badger about this little foul - up. Off to An-Teng.

Chapter 2

Dawn walks to lookshy, looking to find out information regarding her father, a secretive man who taught her not only how to fight, but how to live as a good person. Who was killed under mysterious circumstances. Upon reaching Lookshy, she presents her fathers family crest which belongs to Gens Teresu (Water) who represent the naval interests of Lookshy, and the Seventh Legion as a whole.

Being quickly ushered to the capital manse of Teresu, she is met and greeted by the leader of the Gens Teresu Mikita a noble admiral (ret.) and current patriach of the Gens. during a lovely dinner which had too much food to name Mikita asked Dawn if she was an Essence Channeler since she did not have the appearance of a Dragonblood. She attempted to lie (and failed) and said no, but the Grand Daiklave strapped to her back may have given her away. Mikita, and the rest of the Gens said no more about it and continued with the meal.. after dinner, when the other scions of Teresu had retired to bed (or wherever) Mikita asked Dawn of her origins, Dawn, in her naivity, promptly talked about her fathers death, her training the in arts of the sword, and her daiklave (strapped to her back but wrapped). When he asked to see this weapon, she unwrapped it, showing him a Dazzlingly beautiful Orichalcum Daiklave. He questioned her about it's origins, asking both where she got it and why she weilds it even though it is against the Immaculate philosphy. She mearly told him that it was a gift from her tutor, and would not give any further information on the subject. Wanting to get rid of this potential Anathema, but not wanting to alert the city to his potential family shame, he gave Dawn the information she needed as to her fathers last position, on the island of An-Teng, and had a boat quickly and quietly chartered for travel there.

Chapter 3:

Elkos, and Charlie came into port at An-Teng with nary a problem, but were unable to initially find their contact. They looked around for a while and noticed not much out of place, except a 6ft tall woman carrying something as big as her on her back, running up to the excited dancers and smelling flowers enjoying the "Welcome to An-Teng" party atmosphere.

Elkos, in his wisdom, attempted to advise the 6ft woman that they locals were just being nice to get more of her money, but Dawn would have none of that, insisting that the locals were nice, just because they were nice people. Charlie being incredibly practical though that the 6ft tall woman might have been a spy for Badger, but Elkos quickly dismissed the idea, explaining that someone so naive couldn't possibly be a spy. Dawn, Elkos, and Charlie went to a bar and began to have drinks (as an attempt to loosen Dawn's tongue (in case she was a spy) but found that instead she was looking for an officer who served with her father. Vneef Mala (the same Mala who was First Mate to Elkos)

after asking many questions, Charlie, Elkos and Dawn were interrupted by the news that Mala was about to fight a Earth Aspected warrior of some kind, they rushed toward the Docks, and found that it was Kumo, the muscle of Badger in this town, talking about how late Elkos was for delivery. Elkos helped to diffuse the situation and asked for Badger to come down personally to pick up his shipment. A short time later, Badger and his crew (3 humans, and Kumo) get to the ship and Elkos advises that there was some trouble in getting the items, and that 2 Lintha vessels were fought and sunk during the proceedings.

Badger blanched at this, and in his stammering let slip that he'd only sent 1 ship of Lintha after Elkos and his crew. Saying something about how they paid top dollar for sacrifices. Elkos being less than pleased, but incredibly merciful let Badger leave with his life...and promptly remember that he hadn't been paid yet.

Charlie then decided that the pile of items she threw together to give to Badger if he'd asked for the items, had been conjured by the Lintha as some sort of shrine to their Goddess, and wheeled this thing over to the hide out of a very very afraid Badger, who promptly paid a fortune (2 Talents of Jade) for them to be gone, and for them to take the "Goddess Shrine" with them.

Now Elkos, Charlie, and Dawn are currently awaiting another job, while their ship gets patched, and the crew gets replenished, and once we have that, we can really set sail on this little adventure.

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