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A survey of sorts

This would have to do with inspecting a new game with an interest towards playing/buying it. Feel free to explain your stance as much as you like in comments.

Thanks in advance, guys. :)

(x-posted to my own journal).

1) If the game employed 'traditional' races (humans, elves, orcs, etc), would you rather the creators stuck with the original mythological names, draw from various real languages (but not necessarily mythic sources) or make up their own? Would you apply this to just the 'base' race, and/or the factions/sub races within each race as well?

2) Would you prefer to see races/creatures based on myths from all over the world, or would you rather they all be drawn from a singular regional source?

3) Do you feel humans are an essential 'staple' of a fantasy RPG? Why or why not?

4) Would you be interested in a game where the human race itself has been altered/has been incorporated into another race, or would you rather keep them strictly 'baseline human'?

5) Would you be more interested in a game that employed the 'traditonal' staples of race and/or class, or would you like to see 'something new'?
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