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Just when you thought we couldn't discuss 4e any more!

Alright folks, the following I'm about to post is not something I wrote. It's actually an email from my DM that was sent to our entire gaming group, based on the events of our gaming experience this past weekend. So if you disagree with any of his points, please don't criticize me about it. :) I'm posting it because overall I want the opinions of people who have been playing 4e quite a bit and have found ways around these challenges. I will admit I agree with some of his points, but I'm not going to tell you which ones. :D

First of all I had a blast this weekend and I would like to thank you all for spending time playing D&D. Really, thanks so much.


I have been trying get 4th edition rules down pat and play the game that the designers intended for us to play. I DM'ed like a tournament DM would. Sticking closely to each rule no matter what the impact to the game. I have some concerns about 4e.

1. Healing/Surges - Arianna the 3rd level cleric has 36 hit points and 9 surges that recover 9 hit points each. Basically Arianna has 36+ 81 hit points for the day. That is a lot! So no encounter will truly will deadly to her until she grinds down to the last few surges at which there are very rare circumstances that will give her healing.

2. Minions - for rats, spiders, and other creepy crawlies there are great. For everything else they don't seem worth the trouble and resource of game time.

3. Powers - There are several classes that get powers with the same basic net effect. (2d something and target is *weakend,slowed,blinded etc.) I dont think the true difference between a wizard and a barbarian is the condition left on the target.

4. Game talk - I have never spent so much time counting squares, shifting, wizard utility power. These things don't sound the least bit like fantasy.

5. Monster and Class roles - The game seems to be designed like MMORPGs that have tanks,nukes, damage over time spells. I don't have issue with these concepts in my game but I do get concerned if these concept are completing dominating my game.

6. These long encounters seem to take almost all focus away from the story. After fighting for two hours straight in one room its tough to even remember why we are there.

How could we maybe solve these issues, or what about these named issues do you think he is mistaken on and how can I explain that to him? I have a more limited knowledge of the game than he does at this point, being that I haven't read all the books in entirety yet.

Thanks for your help! :)
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