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Request for help, advice

Background information: I'm running a PBeM game. The setting/system is Nexus: the Infinite City. I currently have five players, going up to 7/8 very soon. Games are run in an episodic fashion of 3-4 characters each with players occupying themselves otherwise in downtime scenes with each other.

There's a few things I could use some advice for.

I've never run a PBeM before, nor played. Does anybody have any experience or wisdom to share for the medium? I have a google group set up to coordinate play and make announcements already, so that's what I've got so far.

I would like to create some snazzy handout-style props. Something I'd like to work with is "stationary," even though it won't be printed. Does anybody know a good source for stationary-style page backgrounds, and how to set them up in OpenOffice?

On a related note, does anybody have ideas on how to create more immersion for a PBeM game?

For OpenOffice's spreadsheet program, how do you get rid of those grey lines that border each cell by default? I'm using OO for my character sheets, but those lines are pretty ugly for this function.

What tools do you use for mapmaking? Whether downloaded, web app, or otherwise, I'm open. Bonus points for mapmaking applications that handle different urban environments well.

Ditto for name generation. Tools that can make various alien-sounding names without sounding cliché is what I'd love to find.

What systems do you recommend for managing player-run organizations, their roles within them, and influence organizations internal or external? I've heard Reign does some good things, and I'm familiar with both iterations of WoD.

I think that's it for now. I might edit in more questions later or make a separate post. Thanks!
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