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[Pimp My Vampire] Part 5: The Invictus!

Pimp My Vampire has passed the hump. Now we get to the Invictus.

The Invictus are the old school, feudalistic Vampires. An old boys club of undead, they work together to hold power and influence people. Unfortunately for the Invictus in Austin, the Carthians took over 36 years ago. The few Invictus that are left are scrambling to figure out what to do when the Prince wakes up. Can they regain control of the city? Will they disintegrate completely? Well, that depends on how the chronicle plays out and what the Player Characters end up doing.

Prince Jean-Philip Talon
Slumbering Prince of Austin

Clan: Daeva
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Pride
Embraced: 1690?
Humanity: 3
Sire: ?
Prince Talon's legend is well known, even if few of the Kindred in Austin in modern nights have ever met him. They say he was a child at the first french settlement in Texas. They say he lived for decades with his sire, a native vampire who demanded tribute from the tribes of southeast Texas. They say he was rescued by a pair of Lancea Sanctum missionaries, who civilized the "blue eyed Indian." It almost seems like a tall tale.

Jean-Philip was the first vampire to move to Austin, alongside the lawmakers and construction crews who chose the tiny frontier town to be the new capital. With no one to challenge his domain, he declared himself Prince of the city. Austin was a fairly rowdy place back then, and Jean-Philip had his hand in the gambling dens and whore houses that dotted the city.
In time, Austin grew and his power grew with it.

One night, in the fall of 1937, things fell apart. Prince Talon woke, and to his horror discovered his herd no longer slaked his thirst. He vomited up their blood as if it was water. Fearing his herd had been poisoned and refusing to admit to himself what he feared was true, he stalked the city, killing two mortals in his rage when their blood would not satisfy him. And finally, in a fit of Frenzy Jean-Philip attacked his childe Marie Clark, draining her vitae dry. Horrified, he made immediate plans to enter Torpor. (There are a couple of game mechanics in play here. Once a vamp's Blood Potency gets too high, they can only feed on other vampires. And in torpor, Blood Potency goes down one for every 25 years you're sleeping. So the Prince decided that instead of needing to feed on other vampires and the complications that would cause, he'd just take a nap for a few decades.)

Prince Talon left his childe in charge until he awoke, made his arrangements, and entered Torpor. The Oracle believes he will wake up soon, and unfortunately the city is very, very different than he left it.

I haven't really decided how he'll react yet. I suppose it depends on what direction seems most interesting for the game at that point. Perhaps he'll kill his childe and attempt to destroy the Carthians. Perhaps he'll be hopelessly out of touch with the mortal world, but quickly regain his acumen at Kindred politics. Perhaps the PCs can convince him to just leave town and seek out a quieter home. We'll see.

Marie Clark
Embattled Seneschal

Clan: Daeva
Virtue: Prudence
Vice: Greed
Embraced: 1870
Humanity: 4
Sire: Jean-Philip Talon
Marie Clark was the daughter of slaves, a slave herself when she was younger. She found work after the war as a house servant at a large ranch outside of Austin. She was also her master's mistress, and he secretly lavished her with gifts and education. When he died, he shocked the city by leaving his estate not to his two sons, but to Marie. Finding herself in a position of power, Marie quickly became a ruthless businesswoman and even dared to make her way in to high society. Having been denied for so long, her lust for power was practically limitless. It was at a party full of politicians and the rich trying to influence them that she met Jean-Philip Talon. After a year long romance, he gave her the Embrace.

Now she had a whole new arena to gain power and influence in, and Marie threw herself in to the danse macabre with ease. Her sire's attack 50 years later terrified her, but when he gave her reign of the city she felt triumph at last. Unfortunately, things didn't quite work out.

Marie is a figurehead at best for the Invictus, practically powerless against the Carthian led Primogen council. She is desperate to regain her lost authority, and desperately afraid of her sire's reaction when he wakes.

Lucas Ferro
Keeper of Elysium, upscale nightclub owner

Clan: Daeva
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Greed
Embraced: 1880
Humanity: 5
Sire: ?
I'm not too sure about Lucas. He's wealthy, attractive and stylish. He might be Marie's childe but he might have arrived from elsewhere. He's a strong supporter of the Invictus, and has connections to a few of the PCs. (Edgar was his ghoul before Daniel embraced him, he taught Eliska Majesty, and Alphonse wanted to usurp him as Invictus Keeper of Elysium, prior to that whole cop killing thing ruined his status.) But he's still a bit of a blank slate to me.

Lucas has owned dozens of nightclubs and bars in the last few decades. Starting in the 70s he would buy up a property, open Austin's Trendiest New Club, and before the luster faded he'd sell out his portion and start building Austin's Next New Trendiest Club. Currently, he owns Lux, an upscale nightclub in the warehouse district with over priced drinks, all white decor, and trance DJs. Upstairs there are two VIP lounges. The first for Austin's rich and elite, the second is sound insulated from the rest of the club, and serves as the Invictus Elysium.

Travis Renfroe
Young turk. Ultramodern millionaire.

Clan: Ventrue
Virtue: Prudence
Vice: Greed
Embraced: 2001
Humanity: 6
Sire: Anthony Silva
Travis represents the new face of the Invictus. He made millions during the dot com boom, wisely retiring from his companies or selling out to larger corperations before the dot com bust. When his former employees lost their retirements to stock prices plummeting, Travis moved on to bigger and better things. He attracted the attention of the Carthian Prefect, Anthony Silva, who thought he would be a helpful addition to the movement. Unfortunately, Travis found the Carthians acted far too much like hippies and communists, and quickly jumped to the Invictus.

Despite his short time as a Kindred, he is perhaps the wealthiest Invictus in Austin. He's also one of the most vocal critics of Marie Clark, blaming her for the Carthian rise to power. He knows he's too young to truly rise to power in the city, but he might try to prop up Lucas or someone else at Marie's expense once the Prince wakes up.

Corbin Beaumont
Spoiled socialite

Clan: Ventrue
Virtue: Temperence
Vice: Pride
Embraced: 2007
Humanity: 6
Sire: ?
Corbin is based on the sample PC in the back of the Ventrue clanbook, tweaked a bit to fit the setting. He comes from a historic and wealthy Texas family, one that has been watched over by the Ventrue in Houston and Dallas for almost two centuries. Corbin's uncle is a Ventrue, as is his Great Grandfather. Corbin was pursuing an MBA at UT Austin when Marie Clark persuaded the Houston Ventrue to choose him for the Embrace, and to keep him in Austin to boost the Invictus. Unfortunately, Corbin's been a bit too busy hating/obsessing over about his twin sister...

Annalise Beaumont
The life of the party

Clan: Daeva
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Envy
Embraced: 2007
Humanity: 7
Sire: Lucas Ferro
Annalise is based on the sample character in the Daeva Clanbook. When Corbin was Embraced, Annalise begged him to let her come along to the clubs and parties where he was meeting his "new friends". Unfortunately, she quickly attracted the attention of his new friends, and just a few months after Corbin's Embrace, Lucas Ferro brought Annalise in to the Invictus. She's still adjusting and finding her place. Annalise fits the Invictus very well, but she's not overly attached to them. It's entirely possible she would jump ship if the shit hits the fan.

Assistant Herald, wannabe politico

Clan: Ventrue
Virtue: Prudence
Vice: Envy
Embraced: 2002
Humanity: 6
Sire: Robert Vohl
Hannah was lured away from the Carthians by Travis Renfroe. It was only due to her sire's desire that she would come back to the fold (and maybe spill a bunch of Invictus secrets) that she kept her position under him. With Robert losing his position as Herald, Hannah sees this as her chance to rise up in the world.

Unfortunately, she's really bad at this whole politicking business, and doesn't realize how badly she's ruining her status. The current rumor going around the city is that Hannah got Robert fired solely so she could take over his job, and she's been none too subtle at her aspirations. The other Kindred find this attempt clumsy and annoying.

I haven't decided much about her background, or why Robert embraced her. Just that she's ambitious and kind of annoying. (trooper6: she might become our Pete Cambell character, but she might not stick around that long.)

And there you have it, the Invictus. Not exactly primed to take over from the Carthians, aside from that whole 300+ year old guy.

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