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4th edition question: Toughness feat

Could someone please resolve this dispute between me and a fellow gamer before the crits start piling up???

The toughness feat grants 5 hps immediately, and this apparently scales up over the tiers- 1st, 11th, and 21st. The question is about the nature of this "scaling":
1) If you take toughness at first level you tack on 5 hps, but do you then get 5 ADDITIONAL bonus hps every time you reach a new tier, as in 5 bonus hps at 11th and 5 bonus hps 21st level???

2) If you take the feat at at a higher tier, do you get more hps for the feat, as in 10 hps at the Paragon tier (and, as in #1, 5 more at 21st level) or even 21 hps at Epic level???

I think this works fine since the overall value of the feat remains the same regardless of when you take it and actually encourages players to take it rearly rahter than later. however, my firend says that the feat just gives a straight hp bonus depending on the tier, making it much better at high levels. This seems odd to me since the system seems to assuem that feats should be better as you progress through the levels.

Any thoughts???
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