The Geek Queen (thegamemistress) wrote in roleplayers,
The Geek Queen

World of Darkness system question

Asked on behalf of one of my players....

"The [World of Darkness] book says that when you spend experience points, you need to pay for all of the intervening levels of the trait. What if you're buying a merit that only has one level but is multiple points?

For example, Stunt Driver is a 3 point merit. Merits cost 'New Dots x 2' XP to buy. If purchased with XP, does it cost 6 XP (3 dots x 2), or 12 XP (1st dot x 2 + 2nd dot x 2 + 3rd dot x 2)?"

I'm inclined to go with the cost of the Merit at character creation, but if there's a rule that says otherwise, I'd like to know.

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