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[Actual Play] Vampire the Requiem

Sorry for the delay on this one. Between work and warcrack and real life, it's been a busy couple of weeks.

Last session was the end of the first story, and was all in all a pretty short session.

I was feeling pretty sick earlier, and called the players that afternoon to tell them to show up a couple of hours later than usual, and went back to bed. Unfortunately, one player needed the night off after a horrible week at work, and another didn't want to make the drive all the way out for a short session. The bad part of this is there were two major plot threads focused on those two players. So our big opening scene happened off stage, and a big party scene was missing a fairly central thread. Boo. This combined with me still being a bit unwell added to a less than stellar session, but there were still some very cool moments.

A quick refresher, the PCs are:
Edgar: Ordo Dracul Mekhet. Interested in using mystical entergies to influence city politics
Winfred Jones: Circle of Crone Mekhet. Motherly figure, sees the other PCs as her family to tend to.
Leon: Carthian Mekhet. Thief and street performer.
Alphonse: Invictus (for now) Mekhet. Recently sacrificed his trusted retainer to cover for the murder of two cops. Missed this session.
Eliska: Unaligned (heavily leaning Carthians now) Mekhet. Distrusts Alphonse and the other PCs due to Alphonse's recent murders. Missed this session.

Leon and Eliska are invited to a party at the local queen Harpy's house. Edgar and Winnie go as well. It's this large, asymmetrical experimental house built in the 60's. They meet some of the other major NPCs who haven't been introduced, get some free blood from the feeding addicted men and women the Harpy brought to the party for "refreshments", nothing too exciting. Sadly, we don't get the plot line where Eliska joins the Carthians or where she is warned about her new mentor, the harpy. They also learn that Alphonse was very lucky the old Prince's rules aren't still in effect. Under his regime, anyone who fed on or killed police, firefighters, or the press were immediately put to death. This helps explain why the Invictus have been giving Al the cold shoulder lately.

Edgar gets a call from Alphonse. He was jumped in the parking lot outside the Invictus Elysium. Two Carthians attacked him as he was leaving his car. They beat the shit out of him, but he got away. Leon recognizes the descriptions as Garret (Emma's sire, you may recall) and Johnny (formerly unaligned Gangrel, attacked by our mystery Nosferatu in the first chapter.) I'm a bit bummed Alphonse couldn't make it, I was going to open the night up with "Ok, you're getting out of your car. Roll initiative." Ah well. Another time.

Edgar calls up the Invictus Keeper of Elysium, and the PCs fill in the Carthian elders on what happened, and head to Cartel. Not surprisingly, Garret and Johnny are there. The Invictus would never retaliate inside Elysium. Leon interrogates the two of them, finds out Garret comes from a family of cops, and thought Al got off too easy. Leon intimidates the two of them, saying "Al's my family. If anyone is going to attack him or ruin his life, it will be me. If you fuck with him again we will fuck with you."

Then, everything at Cartel stops for a moment. The Oracle walks in, one of the Morrigans with her. At the sight of two incredibly deadly Gangrel entering the Elysium, everyone kind of freezes. The Oracle walks directly over to Winnie, and has the following conversation:

"Hello. I was hoping to find you here."
"Pleasure to see you, as always. What can I do for you?"
"Tell me, what is the worst pain you have ever suffered?" (straight to the point, that one.)
"... Um... I suppose when my son was taken away."
"I meant the most physical pain."
"... Well, I was beaten pretty badly a few times back in my gabling binge days. Shot once."
"Have you ever felt the sting of flame, since you crossed over?"
"... No."
"You should. Flames are coming to this city. Especially considering your lineage, I fear that you won't survive them if you're not prepared."
"How should I prepare?..."
"That is a path you must choose yourself. I'm certain you will find a way. You're very wise."
"Um, thank you."
"That is all. I just wished to speak to you about this."
And the Oracle smiles and leaves.

Edgar and Leon had been listening in via Auspex, and immediately look at each other and to Samuel, the Carthian Keeper of Elysium who was also listening in. The three of them make a beeline to the back, and debate if the Oracle meant literal or figurative flames. Winnie comes back to join them, saying she doubts she would have to prepare herself against the pain of figurative flames.

Over the next few nights, Edgar and Leon work to fire proof the haven. Edgar goes so far as to see about ordering a Panic Room. (Fortunately, he has Resources 5, and can do so!) Winnie locks herself in her bed room and burns her arm with a cigarette. Twice. She fortunately resists Frenzy both times. Edgar conspires with the Ordo some more to try and figure out a way to manipulate Carthian Law, once

In our final scene, Leon and Winnie's sire Solomon visits the haven. He talks about the Prince and the Carthians upcoming struggle when the Prince wakes up, says the Invictus haven't retaliated for Alphonse's attack, asks about the Oracle's conversation with Winnie, and hands Leon a piece of paper, saying "Here is something you might find useful." He then explains that the Primogen finally agreed to the Carthians moving their Elysium to the sleeping Prince's favorite building in the city, an event that's been on the back burner this whole story. He leaves, letting them debate the repercussions of this. They all agree it's not good.

Once he's alone, Leon opens the piece of paper and finds addresses for Garret and Johnny.

And that's where we end the first story.

If you want a more in character take on the events, go here:
Leon sez:
Edgar sez:

All in all, not as exciting as I hoped, and I really need to work out agendas and goals for every vampire in the city. Even with the ones that I know a good deal about their personality and history, I'm not entirely sure what they want or who they're plotting against, which is essential in a game like this. Fortunately, the next story will be a self contained bit of horror aside from the intrigues of the city, so I have some time to work on the setting.

Speaking of which, a post on Pimp My Vampire is up next (finally!)
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