arantzain (arantzain) wrote in roleplayers,

Solicitation: The Good GM is . . .

Soliciting thoughts from the community: what makes a good Storyteller/Game Master/Hollyhock God/Royal Bastard?

If you are the local head honcho, toot your own horn: what do you do that you know makes your games excellent. What skills do you have that make you particularly suited to the position? Or --if you have a GM/ST/etc. who's doing something well now, has some quality you find particularly valuable, what is it?

I'm particularly interested answers that acknowledge the social dynamic, because, let's be honest: when you sit down at that table to run a game, what you're really doing is running interference between a bunch of people, and that requires some pretty particular people skills.

Working on a post on the subject; will credit folks for their contributions at the end of the essay and if there's interest, will post here.
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