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Wait...THAT'S Roleplaying?

Ok, so, I'll admit....I'm confused and a little sheltered.  I've done a few play by email games, but most of my experience has been LARP/Table top.

What's the deal with the rpers who play on LJ?  I've seen some groups that are all about this, and seen a number of rants about people being quite rude in such games, but I don't understand it.  How does one make a character?  Are they all like based on fan-fic?  What's a Mary Sue (I know what it means in fan fic, but how does one make a 'Mary Sue' character)? What's 'godmode'--again, I know what it means in a video game, but how the heck does that work in an RPG?  I mean, you can't just SAY "BAM! BAM! Two shots to the heaad!"--and the person dies--can you? 

Is there anywhere  I can look that would explain these things?
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