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three changelings walk into a bar looking lost...

so recently i have ran an intro session for C:TL.
Havnt really got that far into it, and all of this has come about from ideas that were only half formed in my head.

anyway heres
i based the game in Birmingham and gave the local area an interesting bit of flavor while Birmingham (and most of the midlands for that matter) is under the traditional yearly cycle courts (currently summer) the town of Solihull Is firmly in the hands of the day and night courts (and for whatever reason the seasonal courts have not been able to take them back)

we have no combat characters (its a group of three at the moment)
a motley consisting of 2 spring court and an autumn.
2 years ago the winter courts base of operations (whatever you want to call it) was burned down.
the current ruler of the summer court came heavily under suspicion.
since then the summer and winter court have had a very uneasy coexistence.
this has nearly come to a head several times.
the summer king (aka "Lord Thunder") is in no position to investigate who set him up, and cannot afford to send in known members of the summer court to do his work for him.

add to this the fact that (in my game) the Fey are more active in the midlands that any other area in the uk (apart from Ireland, but i havnt got that far yet.) and that the king of summer in true feudal fashion took his crown from the previous king just before the burning of the winter courts old holding. theres alot going on.

so lord thunder puts out a call at the start of summer, says that he is "taking stock" of all the active lost in the area. finds a motley that are not opposed to the idea of working with other courts. and who have no reason to be under scrutiny of the winter court. of course, the biggest requirement is for them to be expendable and for him to be able to deny all knowledge.

Enter the PC's.

they are sent on this errand to try and find out exactly who was behind it. sarting at the now burnt out nightclub that was the seat of the winter courts power.

but the thing is, im not entirely sure where to take it next without it feeling a bit forced.

any suggestions?

Brain stew
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