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The new Guy

Some of you might already know me from other places in LJ. I play D&D too! Who would have thought?

I have been playing D&D and games associated for the past few years, just about every sunday night. Now we are starting a new compeign using the new 4th edition rules -and now i have volunteered to be the GM for it. We play in a lot larger groups then what most people are accustomed to playing (the most at 1 time being 15, but we've decided now to stick w/ 9 players) so i have a high expectation from the gamers in our group because we, for the past year, have had a VERY good GM that could actually keep track and function w/ 15 PCs @_@; (it was pretty funny to have a small army play at any 1 time)

Anyway, my 'contacts' have given me the PDF file for 4th Ed rules, the first monster manual, and the GM guide -woot. And i've already got a story, a few maps, and a long list of missions in the lands that i have chosen for there adventure (we start this sunday making PCs).

I'd just like some advice on what i should do, beyond making the story and writing up character sheets of my own (which i have already done and/or am already working on) -for me to prepare to be a GM because it is something I have never done before.

Any info would help! Thanks ^_^
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