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Need Advice: Combat on Forum RPGs

 Has anyone here run into the problem of trying to run combats where players can take advantage of the RPG's tactical system, but where the GM isn't used to illustrating maps and counter movements online?

Here's the background to my question:  I'm running my first Star Wars Saga Edition game.  As one would expect, it didn't take long for the PCs to come up against some less than cordial Stormtroopers and for a firefight to ensue.

I usually run a more narrative style of combat and don't worry about specific squares and terrain as much.  But Saga Edition took a page from the miniatures game and seems much more centered on squares, movement, and cover than I remember the Revised Core Edition being.

I would be fine with telling PCs something like, "Okay, Human Jedi and Wookiee Scoundrel, you're by the south entrance corridor with line of sight to two Stormtroopers seven squares ahead and two more three squares to the right and one ahead."  But I'm worried that this will get confusing, plus at least one player has specifically requested a visual.

As it happens, I'm using a module with maps, so I can scan them in.  But there must be some sort of program that would allow me to put counters in and design my own basic maps.  I'm fine just doing more descriptive combats without worrying about counters or even maps; I don't have enough experience with Saga, however, to know how feasible this is.

Any advice?

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