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I thought some of you might find this interesting...

I'm just thrilled because I'll be working on it.


Red Dwarf role-playing game coming soon in the US�

Red Dwarf, the top rated British sci-fi comedy series in syndication around the world and producing its first feature film, has announced its latest licensee for branded merchandise, Deep7, Seattle, WA.

Deep7 will produce Red Dwarf: The Role Playing Game, consisting of a fully illustrated hardcover core rulebook with accompanying series supplements and guides for fans to become "players" and characters in their own Red Dwarf storylines. Deep7�s role-playing games and products are widely available online at as well as through specialty and comic book stores worldwide and are popular among the increasingly strong science fiction and fantasy enthusiast market.

"Red Dwarf has been a favorite of mine for years. Its mixture of comedy, great characters and brilliant writing has understandably made it a popular series around the world", says Ron Dugdale, CEO of Deep7. "We are committed to providing a top notch game series to be enjoyed by Red Dwarf fans for years to come."

Charles Armitage, Grant Naylor Productions reports, "We�ve never had a product like this before and it sounds right up our alley. Red Dwarf fans are unwaveringly loyal and hungry for new ways to associate with our sorry little band of misfits."

Red Dwarf: The Role Playing Game will premiere in 2002 with supplements added to cover the complete eight series, culminating with a deluxe edition to support the Red Dwarf feature film.

"Red Dwarf�s appeal is amazing; it spans cultures, ages, socio-economic and educational demographics", says Christy Jarboe, Senior Licensing Manager at IMC Licensing, responsible for the portfolio of licensed products for Red Dwarf in North America. "There truly is something for everyone in the Red Dwarf universe, and more than ever this kind of entertainment is just what we need."

Red Dwarf licensed products will be available soon on


IMC Licensing is a licensing agency that represents brands with the potential to earn royalties from licensing forever. Its clients include TABASCO�, Southern Comfort�, Sun-Maid�, Louisville Slugger�, Ronson�, and the French Market� brands.
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