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D&D 3.5 Question: Shooting into Melee.

I feel kind of guilty asking this here because I usually prefer to talk about broader gaming concepts, but this issue more or less started a fight between some people last night and I want to know the real answer:

Example 1: Imagine if you will a corridor 5 feet wide so the players must walk single file. In the corridor there is a monster. The party's druid turns into a bear and rushes the monster. The party has a warlock who wants to assist his comrade. Here's a motley visual representation of the field:

[Warlock] [Empty] [Empty] [Druid in Bear Form] [Bad guy]

Expecting to fire into melee on a regular basis, the Warlock took the feats Point Blank Shot and Precise Shot, eliminating the -4 penalty for firing into melee. Given the linear fashion of the map, does the Warlock experience any penalties?

Example 2: Okay, so let's try this again, only this time the party is in a 10 foot corridor so they can stand two-by-two. This time there's a large (10x10 foot) enemy at the end of the corridor. This time two bears (bear-druid and his animal companion) rush it. I assume "shooting in-between" the bears is not an option then?

[Warlock]-[Empty]-[Empty]-[Bear 1]-[Bad guy 1]
[Empty]---[Empty]-[Empty]-[Bear 2]-[Bad guy 1]

One last question so I don't have to make a new post: If the warlock decides to take the chance anyway, is there a chance of him hitting the bear(s), with or without precise shot?
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