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Thomas Denagh

Rough Guide to Waterdeep

I'm working on a book project for class, putting together a guidebook for a place that doesn't exist, so I'm thinking why not do one for a town you'd find in a fantasy/steampunk game setting? But I'm coming up short on ideas of attractions for the city. The way the book is written, it's a travel guide, so it's going to have brief locations like this, from a guide to Edinburgh:

Royal Yacht Britannia - From 1953 to 1997 this was the Queen's floating home, the honeymooning hotel of her children and Britain's roving Royal court. Now you can wander the decks and cabins of this fabulous ship with an audio tour that tells the life and times of Britannia. Ocean Terminal, Leith

Only with more dwarves and mages.

So, what sort of touristy attraction would you include in a guide to a city like Waterdeep, Greyhawk, or other large fantasy town? Historical sights and all that are a plus.


I'm not looking for a setting for a game I want to play in. The book isn't about Waterdeep, Greyhawk, Sigil, or Altdorf. I'm looking for attractions that your big city in a game would have. Specifically, the attractions that the city's chamber of commerce would use to entice people to visit the city or move to the city. Things like what clawfoot or creativedv8tion mention below.

What I specifically don't want are adventure encounter locations: things like taverns, the catacombs (unless there are tours), and were to purchase good armor.

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