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Hello, I'm new and feeling out of my depth having looked at Live Journal for 10 minutes ...

 Hello! I'm new to all this Live Journal business, but I'm keen to meet new people in spite of how hugely confusing this all is to me. So, rather than struggle getting to grips with the way this crazy utlility works, I'll just post a "hello" and hope for the best.

I've been DMing for about four years now and as you can guess by my use of the abbreviation, I started in D&D, however, I have branched into other things including WoD in all its various forms and 5th edition Call of Cthulhu. In recent times, my games are becoming much more dark and moody rather than the shiny dungeon-crawling-slay-the-dragon-loot-the-corpses style I used to adopt. Having said that, one of my passions is FRCS and my current adventure is based in Shadowdale and it is lots of fun. Having said that, my current RP group have still got a long way to go and it would be nice to play with people who have a better grasp of the games and, most importantly, having the drive to create interesting, well-rounded characters who interact well.

On that topic, I personally feel that D&D is too numbers based for as roleplayey a game as I would like, hence the expanding elsewhere. I recall a particularly good game in that area in Vampire: The Requiem, in which we all had such wonderful interaction under the watch eyes of our brillant GM.

I digress, anyway, hello fellow carriers of the dice and I hope I can make some new friends soon so that I don't spend so much time moping around my flat by myself.

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