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Okay so here's how I got that Spiked Chain of Flaming Burst

We were on a quest to steal this magic ankh from a pyramid. The cleric wanted it because his order was rival to the order that possessed it. When we got there, the pyramid was too well guarded by Paladins, but our noble fighter challenged one of them to a friendly duel. After the duel, the Paladin and our fighter, Akaos, became friends, and the Paladin disclosed that there was a bandit camp of a group of bandits who had stolen a necklace that he prized.
We also learned that the bandits were in possession of one of those genie lamps that give people wishes.
Ankh schmank! we decided that it was small potatoes compared to a lamp that gives you wishes. So we set out with the Paladin to the bandit camp. We arrive at the bandit camp, and after some combat, we slew all the bandits, took their stuff, and found the map to the secret cave where the lamp and countless other treasures were hidden.
So we arrive at the cave, and there's an "Open Sesame" kind of trick to open it, but it requires a staff (we had stolen it from the bandits). On the door there's some cryptic, ancient writing that says "You have nothing to fear, but yourself." We walk in while the fighter remained outside looking at a statue. After we're inside, there's tons of piled treasure. I began searching for the magic lamp, but as soon as the treasure was touched, the cavern doors closed - shutting us in and the fighter out. We tried to open the cave door from the inside, but doing so caused the staff to break.
We soon discovered another door, but some impenetrable barrier prevented us from passing through with any of the treasure.
As we step into the next room, we are trapped in an illusion. The illusion makes you think that you are in the best place you could imagine. Your "happy" place.
Our good cleric was in his church worshipping and becoming one with his deity.
Our sorcerer, Random, was at home with his family.
Our Ranger was in a sunlit meadow with animals and birds and flowers and camels that loved him. The camels were, specifically, camels that we had killed earlier, and the Ranger felt bad about killing them, because it turned out that one was with foal.
My character was in a dark place with fire and blood everywhere, choking children, raping and killing his own mother, and torturing and slaughtering innocents in sadistic ways.
We manage to break the spell, one by one, simply by forcing ourselves to imagine that the "Happy place" wasn't so perfect.
Then we found the room with the genie lamp. The genie gave us three wishes total. You'd think that we would have collaborated and made good use of those wishes, but no. We squandered them all because each person tried to make his or her wish before anyone else, so all of our three wishes were crappy. The cleric wished that we were outside the cavern with the "Ankh of whatever" because he didn't remember the actual name of the Ankh. Well, we appeared outside the cave alright, but not with the Ankh of Vantu... the cleric was holding an Ankh with the word "Whatever" inscribed on it.
So, after those extremely unproductive wishes, my character was angry at the genie, because I felt he jipped me on my wish; shaking my fist at the sky, I challenged the genie. The genie appeared and said "Fools! By challenging me, you have only challenged yourselves!"
Then we each found ourselves isolated and engaged with a Mirror of Opposition. Each character fought their mirror double in a one-on-one battle. My character wielded a fiery greatsword with a blade made of molten lava. My mirror double acted first, did a disarm, and somehow when the spiked chain wrapped around the sword it rent the sword asunder and the spiked chain became fiery. The other characters fought their mirror images and defeated them, causing them to dissipate. I, on the other hand, remembered the inscription on the door and simply stated "I do not fear you," and left myself open to attack, actively not defending.
The mirror image, instead of attacking gave me the OMGSUPERAWESOMESPIKEDCHAINOFFLAMINGBURST and vanished.

That was awesome.
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