Jim (kenshiro2k) wrote in roleplayers,

Framewerk for Fallout?

Framewerk is the system for the CthulhuTech RPG. SPECIAL is the underlying system for the Fallout computer RPGs. Now, the reason why I mention these two system is because of this:

Framewerk has the basic attributes of Agility, Intellect, Perception, Presence, Strength, and Tenacity. It has Skills, Assets, and Drama Points (instead of Luck), and it's based on how good your skills are to resolve situations.

SPECIAL has the basic abilities of Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility and Luck. It has Skills, Perks, and it's based on how good your skills are to resolve situations.

Now, the differences are that SPECIAL uses percentile scores for the skills, and a linear level-based/XP system. Framewerk is a d10 dice pool system, has no levels, and the XP is spent on increasing attributes, skills, and special abilites. Either way, they both seem similiar enough so that using Framewerk for a Fallout PnP RPG would be more viable than other systems, in my opinion. I'm not a big fan of percentile-based systems, and I know GURPS was the original system planned for Fallout. But I don't like GURPS either, and I'm rather keen on running/playing Fallout tabletop game in the future. Just wanted to post this here to get some opinions and input.

I guess I'll have to keep thinking on this...
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