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First time campaign

I ran Changeling: The Dreaming for about 4 years on the Crescent City MUSH (as well as running the place with my husband and fantastic staffers). But, I find that tabletop GMing is -vastly- different. I've only table top GM'd a D&D game while I was in high school for 10 year olds once, and then D&D once for friends, a one shot. I'm set to run Changeling: The Lost for them after my husband is done with our Werewolf game (might be the end of the summer, might be later, depending on the call of 4th edition D&D to him in our other group). I'm frankly, terrified, but I'm sucking it up, and creating NPCs and plots left and right (thoguh the setting is harder to come up with). Any advice about this game, creating a campaign from scratch, or GMing in general? I have some things from my long stint online.. but all advice is welcome.

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