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A GM's Promise

Over at the Roleplayer's Community's Journal, among other RPG centered LJ communities, there's been some talk about mean, nasty, rotten, bad Game Moderators (GMs). What it comes down to is, people feel their GM is taking things much too personally. So I've decided to put together a promise GMs can present to their players. A promise that goes something like this:

As your Game Moderator I promise to do the following;

To be honest and open in all dealings with my players, where circumstances allow my being open concerning certain details.

To keep personal animosities and preferences out of my game, showing no bias for or against.

To make my games interesting and engaging, providing background, scenery, and characters with panache and style.

To provide a variety of adventuring experiences.

To make use of any background details provided by a player regarding his character to enrich the adventuring environment, and expand adventuring opportunities.

To, at all times, remember that my players are making a commitment in time, and so it is incumbent upon me to give them a good reason to come to each game session. I am, after all, providing them with entertainment, It is my duty and purpose to make each session entertaining, engaging at the very least.

To remember that my ego is not being challenged or threatened whenever the players foil some scheme of my villains, destroy some feature of the landscape, or loot some wondrously wrought ancient temple.

This I promise to you my players.

Amendments, corrections, alterations are all welcome. Crossposted to the Mythusmage Opines.
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