Laura (lunabell) wrote in roleplayers,

So a friend of mine is just starting to venture into the world of GM'ing, but he's having some problems coming up with settings. He's been looking for maps that encounters can take place in. For example, a map of an office building and a conflict that could take place there. Not maps for entire countries or cities, but places that a specific conflict could occur. I tried thumbing through my books and looking online, but I can't find any place with this sort of resource. I know it exists! I just can't seem to find it this time.

For the record, he's running World of Darkness, but can easily adapt any map to what he's looking for. More than anything, it's really just for inspiration.

Anybody know any websites that would have this sort of thing? Or any other websites/advice that would be great for a new GM that I can pass along to him?
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