the_archmage (the_archmage) wrote in roleplayers,

Get Hooked by the "Evil Duck"

I recently read an interesting critique, done by an actual publishing agent (not a fan boy/girl), which gave me a touch of inspiration. During the rather level-headed analysis of someones plot synopsis she said something rather interesting. The direct quote was:

"Deadly bubble. (I'm sorry, but these words paired together sort of tickle me funny. It's sort of like saying an "evil duck")."

So, I'm presenting a challenge to all of you great and imaginative members of roleplayers to try and devise a plot hook for a game which is driven, somehow, by an "evil duck".

It could be a statue, a symbol, or even a 'real' evil duck. Lets see what you guys and girls have got. Maybe we'll come up with some really inspired April Fools games- Just don't forget to mention what kind of genre or game the hook is for.

*For those that ask: Yes, "using ducks as villains in RuneQuest" is, in fact, a cheap shot.
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