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Races Pt II

Kaeldon - The stocky dwarves lay claim to a pleasure for life that rivals even most humans.  Hedonism is not the keyword here, excess is.  Master crafters of all things metal and stone, dwarves are responsible for some of the grandest architecture in the known world.  Likewise, dwarves are premiere brewmasters.  Considering this, it is no big surprise that the Kaeldon are notorious lushes.  If a dwarf isn't building or battling, odds are he'll be drinking.  With the blunt directness that is attributed to these people, their speech tends to be to the point, and rather course.  To the chagrin of the elders, the younger generations also liberally pepper their language with innuendo, epithets, and generally crude phrases.  At the least, one always knows where they stand with a dwarf.

For as long as anyone can remember, the Kaeldon have had a bitter enmity with orcs, and the very sight of an orc will send a dwarf into a frothing battlerage.  This racial hatred is not only taught at a very young age, but also seems to be a part of a dwarves' very essence.   This is often the focal point of tavern jokes (when the patrons are sure no dwarf is in hearing range), for the Kaeldon share many similarities to the orcish people.

The dwarven people take their name from the god Kael, and claim Kael molded the first dwarves in his own image.  As Kael is known as the Rock of Defense, it is no surprise that many of the Kaeldon find careers as bodyguards and security.   As a side note, dwarves absolutely refuse to fly anywhere, be it on winged mount, due to a spell, or some other such device.  The Kaeldon fervently maintain that feet are meant to stay on the ground.  None will admit it, but the idea of flying scares the dwarves more than most anything imaginable.
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