Jenni (aspiemama) wrote in roleplayers,

New here (and question)

Hi everyone.  I am new to this community, although not new to RPG.  My husband is a die hard D&D player/DM and I have been playing with him since we married.  Needless to say, I am addicted.  

I have a question I am wondering if people here could help me with.  My husband has created his own home-brew world that we play in.  It has characteristics of published D&D campaign settings, but the geography and main people are very original.  We are currently working on transcribing the information he has developed about the world into a book that we hope to get published.  The problem is that we just cannot think of a name for the world.  

Some names of locales in our world:  Leland-To (human capital), Derro Keep (dwarven capital), Et-Sylvek (Hidden home of the wood-elves).

Any ideas?  We would appreciate the insights of fellow gamers.  We are a bit short on creative game-developing minds to throw ideas off of.

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