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Foreign Field Kit Fair 2008

Thought this would be of interest to people in here...

The Foreign Field Events company is running its annual LRP kit fair this coming Febuary at the Elsecar Heritage Centre near Barnsley on the 23rd and 24th.

Below are the current list of confirmed traders.

Having a LARP - Everything a LARP needs.
Cutting Edge - Weapons
Time Tarts - Clothing
Noctule - Medieval and Goth Clothing (and toy rats)
As If By Magic - Costume
Herts Fabric - Fabrics and some really fine Arab clothing
Petty Chapman - Fancy buttons, beads and accurate historical patterns
Martin's Jerked Meats - 50 varieties of jerky (including veggie ones)
Drunken Monk - Wine, Mead, Black Mountain
RavenForge - Armour
Absinthe's Kiss - Corsetry and Ladies Banquetwear
Darkblade - Leather Armour (and masses of potion bottles)
Medlock Armoury - The godfather of latex weaponry
Ale House - Ale, Beer and Wine
A Piece of History - Bows
Cloakd and Daggerd - Really good quality historical costume
Wandering Soldier - Shields
Deadly Glamour - the most outrageous jewellery in the UK
Evenlode Studios - Leather armour
Amy-Clare Designs - Corsetry, Ladies Banquetwear and Chainmail
Velvet Glove - Costume, make up and some games
House of De Clifforde - Furs (ethically traded as well)
Lyons Leathers - Leather Hides and Skins
Chow's Emporium - A wide range of everything
Bowstock - Leather goods and leatherworking equipment
Pointy Hat Emporium - Name says it all really doesn't it?
Nordvolk - Leather items, leatherworking tools and masks
Character Kit - Weapons, Armour and Costume

For more details, check out Anyone is welcome, LARP'ers or none LARP'ers - and it should be a great way to get new kit, meet new people and be introduced to new systems.

Absinthe's Kiss will be offering a 10% discount on all Costume, bags and pouches at the Kit Fair.
Collect a voucher on the door and get a 20% discount off any item from Cutting Edge!

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