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Some Audio-visual (K, just visual)

I'm working on a new Star Wars adventure for my players and I'm doing occasional video vignettes to cover major story elements.  I'm including the PCs in certain bits, but my players have decided to wait until the absolute last minute to even decide species, so I've been having a hard time fitting them into the clips so far.

Anyway, there's still a lot left to go, but I got to the point where it started to look kinda cool so I figured I'd share.  Said video

About the Campaign:
"We all know Custer died at the battle of Little Big Horn.  What this book presupposes is:  Maybe he didn't?"

The campaign is set at 40 years after a New Hope.  The Corellian rebellion eventually turned into a war against Darth Cadeus.  Cadeus was defeated and fled into the Unknown Regions.  It's been ten years since he did so, and the Alliance has been sending scouting missions into the area.  Meanwhile, the outer rim systems are becoming more and more isolated.  Several hyperspace routes were left to grow old and dangerous when the Yuuzhan vong invaded.  By the end of the Corellian rebellion, contact with many Outer Rim systems was lost completely.  The Hutts stepped into the power vacuum, and as their territory became increasingly isolated from the law of the Core Worlds, their corruptive influence became felt more and more in the far-flung systems, to the point at which the slave trade has begun anew.  The Hutts now run a system of 'back alley' hyperspace lanes, and have funded pirates that increasingly prey on routes bound for the core.  Anti-human sentiment on the Fringe has gotten so bad that human slaves have become the most popular and mistreated.  As the Outer Rim becomes more isolated and dangerous for human travel, the Core has become more and more militarized and human-centric, with exhaustive checkpoints for outer-rim travel.  Human refugees from Outer Rim worlds flood into the core daily.  They see the Core as a haven.  Many Core worlders see it as a new Empire.

The Alliance is under pressure from the senate to commit their best scouts to re-establishing the hyperspace routes in the Mid- and Outer- rims rather than continue to pursue the now decade-long search for Cadeus.  The Alliance's efforts to search the Unknown regions have been hampered by a lack of cooperation by the Chiss, and a general lack of reliable or known routes into the region.  There is one good way in, though: Endor.  Endor actually lies within the unknown regions, at the end of the famous "Endor Pipeline" that the Empire blazed years ago.  From Endor, you could concievably get anywhere in the Unknown regions.  The problem is, all of the hyperspace codes leading form Endor are in the hands of the now Queen Cindel Towani, and she has been kidnapped by the Sanyassan Marauders.  The PCs are sent to Endor to retrieve her and get the codes, kicking off their mission into the Unknown Regions and, ultimately, a showdown with Cadeus.

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