Skurtchasor (skurtchasor) wrote in roleplayers,

Question for the people....

Is there an RPG system (or somebody's house rules) out there where the characters learn new abilities at the moment they are needed? Preferably something that's not an obvious deus ex machina. For example:

  • BAD:"We need to burn down the bridge? Well, I never told you this, but I've known how to use fire magic since I was three." (Magician gains the ability to conjure fire, bridge burned down).

  • GOOD: "At this rate, the enemy's going to break through. I guess this calls for something a little more drastic." (Warrior's combat prowess increases, giving him a better chance of winning the battle).

Now having written that example, I guess what I'm looking for is something that will increase the odds of overcoming a given obstacle, but not be a sure-fire win and not come out of nowhere. Your response will be more useful is you can explain things rather than just say "Look a [mechanic X] in [system Y]."

A little bit of context--I'm working on designing a CRPG with some friends of mine, and the above idea would be very cool for certain parts of the storyline.
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