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Alright.. taking into account the feedback, I'll probably be re-tweaking a bit (I think I like the thought of his body remaining the earth, but his soul and will creating other life).. but I figured I'd post the second part of what I've already had written, just so people can see.

It came to be that Khain and Maiya laid together, with the intent of spawning new life, as stagnation would lead to destruction. In this, Chaos first saw a chance to sow the seeds of dissent. When Khain left Maiya's side to gather food, Chaos came upon her, in the form of her love, and laid with her as well. As a thief in the night, Chaos then scurried away, for he knew he could not yet stand against Khain.
In time, Maiya gave birth; not just to one, but to several beings. These would become the new gods. It was only now that the duplicity of Chaos became obvious. For amongst the shining exemplars of life, there were born those who venerated the darkness and embodied pure maliciousness and evil.

It is said that when Maiya realized her role in the creation of the dark deities, her heart shattered. Khain then took what was left, Maiya's pure, loving essence, and blessed the earth with it, forming what would become the first trees and plants. To this day, those who walk the path of nature still revere and give their oath to Maiya.

With Maiya's death, Khain mourned (thus the rivers and seas were formed), and in his grief, turned his back on all of the new gods, retreating into the very earth he created to slumber. Some say he sleeps even now, awaiting a time he will be roused to battle the Darkness again. Of course, others put this up as a simple fairy tale.

... I realize now, as I post this, that there's a chunk missing, talking about how the Darkness spawned Chaos in order to thwart Khain. Where'd it go, who knows... meh. I'll either re-write it, or leave it for now, since I'm looking at revamping the whole thing.
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