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Background "world-creation" info, part I

So.. before I go too far with this..should I put these behind a cut, just in case some people here don't want to be bothered with it?

D&D history/backstory
In the time of nothingness, there came to be the Great Beast, Khain, who willed himself separate from the nothing and thus was born. The Great Beast then howled, and in that howl, the stars that litter the darkness of nothing were created. Khain took two bounding leaps; the first time, where his feet met together, the sun was created. On the second leap, the moon was created. From these leaps, the Great Beast then curled up in the middle of the nothing, and slept, for creation is not an easy task.
As Khain slept, the earth grew around Him, a shell to keep Him warm. From the shifting of His body, the mountains and valleys were created, from His very breath, the air people now breathe was formed.

When Khain awoke, He realized He wanted for a partner and a friend. Taking from His own essence, Khain created the She-Beast, Maiya. Khain and Maya played together in the vastness of the nothing, occasionally forming new planets in the process. Thus, the Realm of Khain was created.
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