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The Iconics

So I recently got a copy of City of the Spider Queen and though I probably won't have the opportunity to run it exactly, I brainstorm games regularly. I love the idea of a big conflict in the gloomy and practically unknown subterranean fairyland of the drow - and in worlds beyond the Prime Material Plane - that boils over into an unsuspecting surface world.

Thing is, when you hear gamers talk, people who play D&D detest drow almost as much as bards (presumably a good-aligned drow bard would be sort of the ultimate target for gamer hatred). Do you think a GM could ever get away with using drow in a scenario without it being tired and hackneyed?

Would it help to have the limit of strictly old-skool drow - they're bad guys considered mere bogeymen in elf folklore, barely mentioned in anyone else's, rather than having a million and one good-aligned renegades running around the place?

Which brings up the next question. D&D is full of seriously iconic stuff; giants, beholders, kuo-toa, mindflayers, githyanki, and so on. Stuff we've been running into in games since the '90s, '80s, or '70s depending on when we started playing. The drow have been especially used, reused, rereused, and rererereused, but what about those other iconic monsters? If you use those big iconic critters in a game, is it cool - is it classic D&D as we love it - or is it more like done to death?

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