The Knight in Shining Skull T-shirt (gillan) wrote in roleplayers,
The Knight in Shining Skull T-shirt

Shock Actual Play

We played Shock the other day. Our Shock was Power Armor and our issues were Privilege, PTSD, and Blood Sports. In the game:

- A lawyer representing a soldier who was labeled an "enemy combatant" for stealing another soldier's power armor managed to get the Guantanamo Satellite shut down.
- A convict fighting in power armor prison blood sports tried to escape after killing his brother in one of the matches. He was shot and paralyzed in the attempt, but ended up hanging around the prison becoming something of a legend amongst the inmates
- A veteran with PTSD murdered his therapist and set himself free by setting off the self-destruct mechanism in the power armor he brought home with him from the 4th Gulf War.

Shock is a cool, cool game.

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