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Looking for Writers and Artists

Grimoire #6 is almost to press, and is our last 'in house' issue for the Grimoire magazine.  After this, we'll be opening the doors to the public for articles and artwork, allowing people to add their own material.  If anyone is interested in placing articles in the Grimoire, or on providing art, we are starting to take submissions.

Accepted contributions will be paid for, and will become property of the company (Fool's Moon Entertainment, Inc.).  We are looking for artwork which would suit any RPG, or would make good cover art.  We are looking for editorials or articles on the RPG community, RPG games (reviews are fine), the industry, the direction RPGs are going, and so forth.  We are also willing to accept articles with expansions or alternate settings for any RPG we've published, or if you would like your own RPG published through us, you can submit it in parts for the magazine, thus allowing people to see what you've got and where you are going (setting material, a simple look at the mechanics, sample characters).

If you are interested in being a writer, please contact submissions@foolsmoon.com .  Submissions should be in RTF format.
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