a smile, two bangs, and a religion (blark) wrote in roleplayers,
a smile, two bangs, and a religion

d20 campaign settings


So I've got a question about d20 campaign settings (as the subject implies) that I'm unable to answer myself because I'm not a super-avid D&D player. It goes as thus, in three parts...

1) What's an example of a really good campaign setting book for the system (well put-together, easy to read, doesn't irritate you)?
2) What's an example of a terrible campaignsetting book?
3) For the at least one of you who've had something d20 published, what's a good publisher to deal with?

An idea is blossoming in my head, and if it works out I'm going to submit it somewhere. But first, I want to look at some books to get an idea of how they're laid out and whatnot. Research is key, as they say (well, someone must say it).

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