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World of Darkness book collection for sale

I'm selling my World of Darkness roleplaying book collection on eBay. All books are in Fine to Near Mint condition. Shipping is thru USPS Media Mail or USPS International Priority Mail to keep costs as low as possible.

The reserve price on each of the 8 lots ranges from $40 to $50. With 9-12 books in each lot, that averages to a starting bid of around $5 per book.


VAMPIRE LOT 1 - reserve price: $50

This lot contains 10 Vampire: The Masquerade books. They include:
- Archons & Templars
- Children of the Night
- Clanbook: Giovanni, Revised edition
- Clanbook: Nosferatu, Revised edition
- Clanbook: Tzimisce, Revised edition
- Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand
- The Gilded Cage
- GURPS Vampire: the Masquerade
- GURPS Vampire Companion
- Sins of the Blood


VAMPIRE LOT 2 - reserve price: $50

This lot contains 11 Vampire: The Masquerade books. They include:
- Awakening: Diablerie Mexico
- Bloody Hearts: Diablerie Britain
- Cairo by Night
- Cities of Darkness, Vol. 3 [Alien Hunger & Dark Colony]
- Constantinople by Night [Vampire: Dark Ages]
- The Inquisition
- Montreal by Night
- Nights of Prophecy
- The Storytellers Handbook, 1st edition
- Succubus Club, 1st edition
- Three Pillars [Vampire: Dark Ages, Venice]


CHANGELING LOT 1 - reserve price: $50

This lot contains 11 Changeling: the Dreaming books. They include:
- Kithbook: Eshu
- Kithbook: Nockers
- Kithbook: Redcaps
- Kithbook: Satyrs
- Kithbook: Sluagh
- Kithbook: Trolls
- Denizens of the Dreaming
- The Enchanted
- The Fool's Luck: the Way of the Commoner
- Nobles: the Shining Host
- Pour L'Amour et Liberte: The Book of Houses 2 [Ailil, Balor, & Leanhaun]


CHANGELING LOT 2 - reserve price: $50

This lot contains 12 Changeling: the Dreaming books. They include:
- Changeling: the Dreaming, 1st edition
- Changeling Player's Guide
- The Autumn People
- Freeholds & Hidden Glens
- Immortal Eyes: The Toybox
- Immortal Eyes: Shadows on the Hill
- Immortal Eyes: Court of All Kings
- Inanimae: the Secret Way
- Isle of the Mighty
- Kingdom of Willows
- The Shadow Court
- War in Concordia


MAGE LOT - reserve price: $40

This lot contains 9 Mage: the Ascension books. They include:
- Mage: the Ascension, 1st edition
- The Book of Shadows: Mage Players Guide, 1st edition
- The Book of Madness, 1st edition
- Destiny's Price {sticker on inside cover, covering previous owner's name}
- Infernalism: the Path of Screams [Mage: Sorcerer's Crusade]
- Lost Paths: Ahl-I-Batin & Taftani
- Mage: the Sorcerers Crusade {hard cover}
- Technocracy Assembled, Volume 1 [Iteration X, N.W.O., Progenitors]
- World of Darkness: Sorcerer, 1st edition


WEREWOLF LOT 1 - reserve price: $40

This lot contains 10 Werewolf: the Apocalypse books. They include:
- Changeing Breed Book: Ananasi
- Changeing Breed Book: Bastet
- Changeing Breed Book: Corax
- Changeing Breed Book: Gurahl
- Changeing Breed Book: Nagah
- Changeing Breed Book: Ratkin
- Changeing Breed Book: Rokea
- Hengeyokai: Shapeshifters of the East
- Litany of the Tribes, Volume 1 [Black Furies, Bone Gnawers, Children of Gaia]
- Litany of the Tribes, Volume 2 [Fianna, Get of Fenris, Glasswalkers]


WEREWOLF LOT 2 - reserve price: $40

This lot contains 9 Werewolf: the Apocalypse books. They include:
- Book of the Wyrm, 1st edition
- Book of the Weaver
- Freak Legion: a Players Guide to Fomori
- Rage Across Appalachia {map included}
- Rage Across Egypt
- Rage Across New York
- Subsidiaries: a Guide to Pentex
- Umbra: the Velvet Shadow
- Werewolf Chronicles, Volume 2 [Ways of the Wolf, Monkeywrench! Pentex]


OLD WORLD OF DARKNESS LOT - reserve price: $40

This lot contains 9 World of Darkness books (oWoD). They include:
- A World of Darkness, 2nd edition
- World of Darkness: Blood-Dimmed Tides
- World of Darkness: Demon Hunter X
- World of Darkness: Gypsies
- World of Darkness: Hong Kong
- World of Darkness: Mafia
- World of Darkness: Outcasts - a Players Guide to Pariahs
- The Chaos Factor
- Mummy, 2nd edition
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