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Game Mastery

So, I was reading some of my back issues of KODT, and one of the letters was from a fan who was absolutely outraged that KenzerCo was forming the HackMaster Player's Association and the HMGA to help promote their game. The writer seemed to think that these organizations would wield as much power in the real-life gaming community as their fictional counterparts do in the books. Obviously, that wouldn't be practical, but it did inspire me to ask this question: am I the only one who actually likes the idea of a certifying body for GMs?

Obviously, I'm not talking about anything along the lines of the fictional HMGA - that would be annoying, even if it were practical. I'm just thinking along the lines of a group of GMs who are tested on the fundamentals and agree to a code of conduct. Imagine moving to a new city, or gaming at a con, and being able to check a new GM's credentials. It wouldn't completely eliminate bad Gming, but it would most likely cut down on GMPCs, radical surprise changes to the rules, and the like.

Any thoughts?

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